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Westerbeke Oil Filter number for 12.5 BTDA - 1993 year-gctid400278

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    Westerbeke Oil Filter number for 12.5 BTDA - 1993 year-gctid400278

    We just had fun with replacing the oil filter on my Westerbeke generator. It's the 12.5 BTDA, 4 cylinder. The filter that was on it was a 35828. It was leaking around the seal. When the filter was pulled off, the gasket had a crimp in it.

    It was also a pain to get it off, there is a housing bolt that is really in the way.

    Replacement filter was having the same problem, when tightened down, it was creeping past the flange.

    Looked at the Westerbeke manual for the BTDA, they come in a 3 and 4 cylinder version. Got the 3 cylinder version (36918) and it fits perfectly.

    Anyone with a circa 1992-1993 12.5 BTDA, can you look at your filter and tell me what the number is? The replacement filter is about 2/3 the size of the original. If you have the bigger 35828 filter, did you have problems getting it on and off? Does it leak?

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    I have a 87 45' PH with a 12.5 Westerbeke. . Not sure of the model and since I am not on the boat to access the maintenamce and parts books. I can tell you it is a 4 cylinder and I use a Car Quest 85064 oil filter and have no problem changing it - other than a little draining on a sorbent pad.




      Further examination of my notes show the Westerbeke engine to be a "Model 33""



        Mine is a 1995, WESTERBEKE DIESEL GENERATOR 12.5 BTDA-614, ENGINE 42B FOUR, S/N 25784-D406, GENERATOR, S/N 19165.

        I use the 35828 filter. I had a cross reference to several other filters Napa, etc. but canÔÇÖt find it.

        The last ones I bought, several years ago were about 12 buck each.

        You may do better with another brand. IÔÇÖll keep looking for the list.


        Found it.

        Westerbeke Baldwin Sakura Donaldson

        35828 B202 C1005 P550158


          The 8 kw models have the same issue - the clearance is about a 1/4" problem - some owners or their mechanics have replaced the normal bolt with a shallow head bolt to gain the necessary clearance. Some filter manufacturers are just short enough the filter will fit with the longer bolt. On the 8 kw models, the official Westerbeke filters fit, but NAPA "equal" does not fit without removing/replacing the bolt. Good luck, Doug S.


            We have the 8KW 3 Cyl. model that uses the Westerbeke 36918 oil filter. We have been using the Fleetguard equivalent oil filter - LF3462 and there are no clearance issues. We also use Fleetguard (Cummins) filters on our Cummins engines and buy them all at the same time.
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