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    New Fuel Tanks

    I know that new fuel tanks are a common project for most of us at some time so I wanted to pass along what I found after searching for a local company to build my new tanks.

    I am installing new tanks along with engine work, transmission rebuilds, wiring updates and new plumbing on my 3270 this winter and was surprised to find that the cost of fuel tanks is much better in Florida then here in Puget Sound. Here is the spec on the tanks.

    diesel tank 95 gal.

    [2] baffles [1] ground tab

    [1] fill [1] vent

    [1] pick up tube

    [1] return coupling

    [1] sender mounting plate

    pressure test to air

    mat: 1/8” [.125] thick alum. 5052 grade

    epoxy coat ext of tank

    The cost on these tanks is over $700.00 less per tank then having them built here in the local area. Shipping cost will be reasonable as they will be shipped with an order for one of boat manufacturers that they build for here in Puget Sound. So unless I hear from a club member of a better local manufacturer or that Speedy Tanks is a poor choice for a builder my order will go in 11/13/17.

    What does Coastline say when you give them the specs and price from Speedy? You might get comments about capacity, baffles, gauge etc.
    1989 26' then 1994 32' now 2001 39'


      I did call Coastline and was given a price of $1700.00 per tank plus tax. That is what started my search for another source. As far as capacity I asked for a bit smaller tank to allow more room to service the hoses on top of the tank.


        so Speedy Tank is where you bought from ? if so, are they in stock ? Thx Dave 616 915-2257