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    3587 UP TO TASK?-gctid828678

    I'm considering a late 90's 3587 with diesels and I plan to cruise it extensively especially in the winter months (slow season for my business) in the southern states and leaving it a different cities for weeks or months at a time while I'm not there. I'm wondering if I am asking too much of a boat this old? 20 plus year old boats require attention and especially if run in salt water. I don't want to spend all my time fixing stuff or getting the call she sank etc.

    Does anyone have any opinions and/or recommendations on this topic?


    Well as far as age goes, our 38xx is now 30 years old. I consider it still as seaworthy as it was 12 years ago when I bought it.

    In the years we have had it, I have found no reason to suspect it wouldn't function as you described.

    Condition is more important than age imo.

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      Yes I agree with Doug. Ours is 30 years old, and I would not hesitate stocking it tomorrow and heading out for a 6 month cruise.

      I will say though, unless you are buying a brand new or 1-2 year old boat ($$$), boats need constant maintenance regardless of their age.

      When it comes to leaving it, it should be fine. Make yourself a checklist, and ensure all seacocks are closed, pumps are working and batteries are charged.
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        I have a 1996 4087, 21 years old and we live on it for 3-4 months every year in the San Juan and Gulf Islands. I have it completely serviced every spring and we've never been stranded in nearly 10 years of crusing, We've had several problems over the years, often with pumps, so we carry lots of spare everything these days. We typically carry everything except the item we need:-) Our worst problem was the failure of the hot water tank, it took over a day to get out and then a 4 day wait for a new one. But we were in a more remote part of the Gulf Islands. Do regular maintance, check belts, hoses, hose clamps, oil levels, change impellars, load test batteries, visual engine inspections everyday etc etc. Having 2 heads and 2 showers as you do, is a great asset to keep a trip going until you can get spares or a mechanic to fix the problem. Machog
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          I agree that condition and maintenance is the key. As you move around you are going to be leaving the boat in marinas where the tendency toward electrolysis will vary widely. No big deal for a few nights or a week, but months? You are going to be wanting to have your zincs checked often. Arriving a few days before you need to leave the boat would give you a chance to talk to the locals and learn their zinc maintenance frequency and the names of a few divers.

          As to "up to the task" my brother cruises in a relatively well, not show, condition 1942 Chris Craft 30'. He's the fourth owner of the boat and bought it 1986. An average maintained, average condition 3587 is probably up for more than you are. Just my opinion.
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