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1999-4788 330 HP Cummins -Gear Oil Question-gctid828438

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    1999-4788 330 HP Cummins -Gear Oil Question-gctid828438

    Doing fall maintenance.Thought i would change transmission oil

    What do you use ??? Stuff that's in there is RED so I assume ATF

    Dextron 3 transmission oil .My Neighbor two boats down (490 Meridian 370 Cummins

    has 30 weight oil same as his engine .Can't find a manual for the gear

    so thought i would check here first

    Before giving any recommendations I would want to know exactly what gears you have.

    Unless someone has changed them, you should have the Hurth HSW800/ZF80 which takes ATF. Once you confirm which gears you have there is a lot of information on here, and via google.
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      It's probably ATF. This page from Harbor Marine has a transmission FAQ, as well as links to the maintenance manuals for various transmissions:

      Since 1979, Harbor Marine has been servicing the Pacific Northwest's boating and recreational needs.

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        Ron, there should be a label on the transmission with brand/model/serial number and it will also have oil type as well. My HSW800 is ATF and Dexron 3 is upwards compatible from the Type 2 if I remember listed in the manual. I researched that when I changed mine.

        I have seen labels on friends smaller Meridian/Searays that were SAE30 (still Cummins 330 engines), but I'd be really surprised if your neighbour's 47 with the same 800 transmissions as ours had Sae30 on their labels.

        John H
        Brisbane QLD Aust

        2000 - 4788/Cummins 370's


          thanks for respones

          Will check in the morning when i change tranny oil.

          I am quite sure its ATF -Dextron3 that's in there.

          We haven't changed gear oil since we got boat four years ago.

          At that time mechanic in Seattle did the trannies

          I don't expect the Meridian to be same tranny ,just noted

          that's what he uses,


            The Meridian 490 should be the same trans - it is the same boat with a Meridian decal on it.

            It should also take ATF fluid as well.

            Maybe I can attach the Hurth page that describes the trans tags....

            Attached files

            Northport NY


              In previous boat I had a ZF W350 attached to a KTA 19 Cummins. That gearbox would take either straight 30 wt or 15-40 motor oil. I stuck with the 30 wt just cuz I thought it was weird to put a multi grade in there.


                John and others

                Thanks for input

                did the change today

                It is HurthHSW800 as expected .All is well


                  Glad to hear all is well.
                  1987 3818 Hino 175
                  "Knotty Girl"
                  Prince Rupert B.C.