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    Flush Pro for flushing Hinos-gctid348041

    I've always thought it would be a good idea to flush my Hinos with fresh water after running the boat, but thought it would be fairly involved to install the adapter etc. However, I saw Perko's Flush Pro advertised (see link below) and was wondering if anyone has any experience with it or any other method for flushing.

    PERKO Figure No. 0456, 0457 Flush Pro™ [0456DP4, 0456004, 0456DP6, 0456006, 0456DP7, 0456007, 0457DP4, 0457004, 0457DP6, 0457006, 0457DP7, ]



    Sea Shanti

    1990 3288MY

    Haven't used that system, but made my own, probably stolen from someone's idea here on BOC.

    I took the covers off the sea strainers, drilled them and tapped them to take a pipe fitting. In order, I come off the cover with a pipe fitting, which then screws into a shutoff valve. After that I have a female hose fitting. So when I flush, I attach a garden hose to a container of salt away, which screws onto the hose fitting. Start engine on sea water, open the fitting for my fresh water mix, gradually close the seacock so I'm running exclusively on fresh water with salt away. Run for a few minutes, shut off the engine and the hose and disconnect. After its shut down, I reopen the seacock. Not as easy as the system you've posted, but it works fine.


      One advantage to being at Dagmar's Marina is getting a fresh water flush going up the Snohomish River!
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