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  • Hino winter oil change question-gctid827894

    1988 38/ 175 Hinos

    I changed oil in the mains last November, in preparation for winter, clean oil for winter storage, etc. This summer was a bust for us in terms of boating (we moved) and the poor girl was a part time dock queen. We only put 30 hours on the boat.

    My question is; with only 30 hours on the oil, do I need to change it again for the upcoming winter? I hate to see 20 qts (10 per) go.

    1988 38'
    Shear Bliss

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    Some will say the acids the oil picks up do no favours over the winter. Others will say you don't change your car oil with only 30 hours.
    1989 26' then 1994 32' now 2001 39'


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      My guess is you will want to start fresh before cruising next season anyways and 30 hours are enough to change out. To keep same schedule; I would change if its conventional oil - If Synthetic - No.
      MY 3988
      Poulsbo, WA


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        My gut was tellling me to do it but admittedly I was hoping someone had a compelling argument against it.

        Thank you for the replies.
        1988 38'
        Shear Bliss


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          I had the same issue this year- only had about 25 hours on new oil. I changed the oil , but not the filters.
          Gibraltar, Mi.
          1986- 3870- Hino 175's
          1988 26' Shamrock/ Diesel
          14' Zodiac Bay Runner


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            I have a 3888 with Hino's. I put only 30 hours also. I just changed oils and filters in preparation for a long Winter's nap. I'm a very strong supporter of oil changes, especially in the Fall before layup. Very cheap maintenance considering the alternative. Great engines.


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              Metal parts will always appreciate fresh oil due to the acid build up in used oil especially if the engine will not be run for months and months. YMMV
              Jim Gandee
              1989 3888
              Hino 175's
              Fire Escape
              [email protected]
              Alamitos Bay, SoCal