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Tacho sender - Hino 250 hp-gctid827652

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    Tacho sender - Hino 250 hp-gctid827652


    I have a problem with the tacho on starboard engine. When its cold and the engines are started up. The indicator shows only a few hundred rpm and shakes a littel but the engine runs normal and with the same rpm as port engine. After about 10 min it goes to normal and equal to the other engine on the indicator.

    Anyone tried this. Is it the pin in the tachosender which is worn or could it be something else? Engine hours is 545 only.

    Pleased to hear your comments.

    The normal things to check are the connections on the back of the tach, cycle the switch on the back of the tack back and forth (assuming you have a switch) check connection at the sender, check the grounding circuit, and lastly check all of the pins and sockets, including a tug and wiggle on each wire both sides of the multi-pin connector on the port side of the engine near the starter. If there is anything else I will let some one else chime in on that.

    Newport, Oregon
    South Beach Marina
    1986 3270 with twin 110 HP Hino diesels. Name of boat "Mr. Darcy"
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    Also worked as heavy equipment mechanic, and machinery mechanic for over 30 years.