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    3888 fuel usage?-gctid827135

    About what type of fuel usage would one expect from a 3888? I think they are 175 or 200 HP Hinos TIA

    For planning purposes, I use eight gallons an hour. That's with a lot of lower speed operating, ten knots and under but also about 20% at 2800. The last 50 hours actual average was six point five per hour.
    P/C Pete
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      At my 15kn speed for distance I use 1nmpg to plan around.

      Usually is a bit better than that and I am not generally cutting too close on fuel stops.
      1989 3888
      Nobody gets out alive.


        I always figured these ranges in neutral seas:

        3 nmpg at 6 knots

        2 nmpg at 8 knots

        1.2 nmpg at 14-15 knots

        Seemed we always did a but better than those targets in the long run. This would assume a clean bottom, correct and tuned props, and engines in tune.

        We had the 175 Hino 6 cylinder naturals in our 1986 38.

        What is a "200 HP Hinos TIA" engine as described?
        Northport NY


          What is a "200 HP Hinos TIA" engine as described?


          I believe the OP is incorrect in the HP rating of 200 HP and the TIA is short for "Thanks in Advance".
          Jim Gandee
          1989 3888
          Hino 175's
          Fire Escape


            With the 210 hp Hinos in my 3888, I burn about 6 gph in fresh water. The majority of the time is at hull speed with about 10% at 2700 rpm. During long runs at 2700+ I average just over 1 mile/gallon; however, it is hard to calculate accurately because I am on a river and going with and against current.


              I use 1 mpg at a cruising speed of 12-13 mph for planning purposes. Running at slow speed, 6-8 mph I use 2 mpg.
              Two C's 1990 3888 MY, 175 Hinos, Hurth 630 Trannys
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