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Need spare props, 4788/490, PNW-gctid827095

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    Need spare props, 4788/490, PNW-gctid827095

    I'd like to have a spare set of props onboard before we head out next spring. Anyone have a reasonable source for spare props in the Pacific North West? Anyone have spare set in the garage or lazarette that you're looking to unload?

    Edit: 4-blade Nibral Nakamichi 24x24 2" shaft are OEM on the 4788s and 490s. Ideally, I'd like something already pitched to around 22"-23", but I expect I'll need to balance and re-pitch used props at the local shop.


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    "The prop shop" can supply you with a set of the original nakashima props, cast in any pitch you want.

    If your boat is not quite pitched properly this is a great opportunity to make it just right.

    The cost two years ago was about $3700 for the set.


    Whats the weather like on the boat

    Where am I right now?


      What shafts do you have? I have a set of 1/34. See my add in classifieds..
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        Specify the shaft size and the pitch, and the number of blades.

        Makes it much easier to assist.

        You might be surprised what you can find on ebay.

        I bought a pair of 4 blade nibral's, new for $350. for my 3870.

        I also bought a pair of 3 blade nibrai'sl very good used for $250 used.
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          Morgan's ultimate required best pitch is going to be determined by his exact engines, his current baseline, and the specs on the exact props he ends up with.

          In general I believe most 47's will be nest served with a 24" Diameter and 20.5-22" pitch 4 blade nibrals with a 2" shaft.

          Knowing his current baseline props and numbers will allow a good prop shop to determine the best fit.

          Baseline numbers for the prop shop include: boat length and beam, weight of boat, transmission ratios, exact engine rated rpm and hp, current accurate rpm speeds at a few data points (100 rpm apart) approaching WOT and a WOT rpm number for both engines.
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            For spare I got bronze props instead of the more expensive Nibral for our 47 20 years ago.
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