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New Mufflers on my 32-gctid827047

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    New Mufflers on my 32-gctid827047

    I've been accumulating parts for this job thru out the summer and finally got the chance to tear into it shortly after pull out. Now I have to wait a week or more for my 45 degree elbow and my goose neck off the top of the lifting pot to arrive. After that the starboard side should be identical. I had the original 1988 mufflers and the noise level was unusually loud. Anywhere one sat on the boat was sure to get gassed (CO) out. After taking out the old inline mufflers I cut them open and the port side baffle was completely gone.

    The water ran on the bottom and the exhaust over the top so they never mixed.

    I wont be able to check my work until next spring so no hurry other than racing the cold weather soon to move in.

    Gotta make those admirals happy.

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    Frostbite Falls, Minnesota
    Claudia V. III
    1988 - 3218
    Gas Drives

    Makes me wonder about the muffler on my '86 3270 with 110 HP Hino diesels. I guess I can remove them for inspection at least sometime this winter.

    Newport, Oregon
    South Beach Marina
    1986 3270 with twin 110 HP Hino diesels. Name of boat "Mr. Darcy"
    Past work history: Prototyping, tooling, and repair for Reinell,. General fiberglass boat repair starting in 1976.
    Also worked as heavy equipment mechanic, and machinery mechanic for over 30 years.