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    Does anyone know the difference between Cummins 6 BTA & 6 BTD.

    I have 6 BTD: not finding a turbocharger online.

    I am finding turbochargers for 6 BTA everywhere.

    Old turbo is Holset H1E.

    Engine = 1997 Cummins 315hp 5.9L / 6 BTD diamond series (don't know what that means either).

    there should be a tag on the turbo that has more numbers on it, and it may even have a cummins part number on it..... or you can call any cummins dealer with the engine serial number and get the proper turbo part number for that engine.

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      Have you done a Google search using the Holset H1E as the search. I find a lot of hits for that turbo.
      Charleston, S.C.


        Have you done a Google search using the Holset H1E as the search. I find a lot of hits for that turbo.

        The hits say for 6 BTA. I have 6 BTD


          I also learned H1E is a mounting style.


            Did you actually get that model name from the engine dataplate? I was looking at an example in my Service Manual and the letter D is not defined. An example is like this:

            6CTA8.3M2 Marine Applications

            6 = number of cylinders

            C = engine series

            T = turbocharged

            A = aftercooled

            8.3 = displacement in liters

            M = marine

            3 = design phase

            Are you sure you do not have a 6BTA? They did make one in 315 hp. Here is an idea. Plug your engine serial number(s) into after you register for the site to verify. You should find some turbocharger troubleshooting steps for turbochargers leaking engine oil, leaking fuel, compressor seal oil leak and turbine seal oil leak.

            Highlight the Service tab, then the Dataplate tab in Quickserve. There you will see the critical parts (CPL) list link. For my engine, there are two turbocharger parts numbers. You should be able to find your part numbers there.

            Also, use the Parts tab and enter turbocharger in the search box. Select the one in Base Engine>Performance Parts. It will take you to a diagram of the turbo with the part number and link. This part number was different than the two listed in the paragraph above. A Cummins dealer should be able to get to the bottom of it for you. Good luck.
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              Post the CPL number from the plate at the front left of the engine.

              CPL is the Cummins Part List for the build, I am betting it is CPL 1928
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                I know my engine is 6 BTD. Don't know what the D stands for. I will try quickserve for answers.


                  Give Tony Athens' firm a call. With the engine serial number and maybe a picture, they can tell what you need to know. They have been very helpful to me!
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