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Hull and Hino Surveyor Needed NY/NJ Area-gctid825759

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    Hull and Hino Surveyor Needed NY/NJ Area-gctid825759

    I am looking for someone to do a hull survey on a 4588, as well as someone that might be familiar with Hino's to do an engine survey.

    Boat is in NY/NJ area.

    Any suggestions?

    Regarding a hull surveyor, these are the questions that I ask before I am near ready for a survey - have you been through these to your satisfaction already?

    Old post cut and paste follows.....

    I actually have an initial set of boat questions for when I call a boat for sale myself. YMMV but these have worked well for me to sift out the ones I was more interested in pursuing...

    - Are all those pictures of your boat?

    - Are the machinery hours TT?

    - Do you have a full list of all items and options that convey with the boat?

    - Are there maintenance records and are they up to date?

    - Do you have a full history of the boat? Has it been damaged, partially submerged or seen heavy repairs?

    - Can you send me 40-50 hi-res photos of the boat including all of the machinery?

    - What is your cruise and max speeds and at what rpm do you see those?

    - What currently does not work on the boat?

    - Where is the boat currently and in what condition is it stored?

    - Do you own this boat or maybe is it under an LLC or partnership? Do you have 100% rights to sell the boat unencumbered?

    Additionally you are asking about an engine surveyor - is this boat in the water ready to be run or are the engines only going to be static?
    Northport NY


      Broker showed us the boat Saturday. Met the owner, who actually took us for a ride.

      Ran it up to about 2500 RPM. Port engine got up to about 200 degrees, which is a bit of a concern. Need to have it checked out.


        These engines (EH700 TI) need to reach at least 3,000 rpm as a brief WOT test but much more preferable to reach 3,090-3,150.

        If it was only able to reach 2,500 is was either smoking black badly due to overload or it has another mechanical problem.

        Questions above still apply - what does the owner say about the 2500 rpm?

        I thought it would be best to allow you to determine your best move prior to spending money to hear this in a report.
        Northport NY


          You do not say where the boat is but here are two surveyors in NY that are vey good and have surveyed the larger Bays in the past....

          Al Prisco


          Charles Gruetzner

          Oceanus Marine


          Please note that they are vey thorough and will bury you with potential problems if the boat is not in decent shape - they are also not cheap in this area.

          I do not know a Hino mechanic in this area but any good marine diesel mechanic would do you well.
          Northport NY


            Just as an FYI, we bought a 4550 and the port engine would only make 2400 rpm due to a thoroughly stuck turbo. At over 2100 rpm it issued black smoke, consistent with unburned fuel. The turbo was rebuilt and now it functions fine. Our 220 Hinos max out at about 2950 rpm. This winter will have the injectors rebuilt, as it looks like they have never been off then engines.
            1986 4550 "Embark"
            Tacoma, WA