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    TUNNELS 2-gctid825288

    This message is from BOC member 'RDOIII' re-printed with his permission.

    Hi Pat

    Noted you are back in FL now or soon.

    How did the tunnels work for you?

    I did do a rpm versus speed and MPG log - but the pad got left where it got wet and washes all the ink away!!! Oh Well

    I got a question on the BOC about how I liked them

    I sent the response below

    Feel free to use it if you like


    Yes, I did get the tunnels and I installed them this spring Added about 1.5 knots to top end - 17.5 to 19 with clean bottom and our rigid inflatable on the back on weaver davits Boat still needed use of trim tabs to get max speed - a good thing, as I wanted option of raising bow in head seas and following seas. Did not run in heavy following seas but seemed to be fine in 2-3 footers.

    An added surprise is the boat rides flatter AND my wife and I both came to the same conclusion on a bouncy day that the ride was noticeably smoother with less roll. The tunnels may be acting like the roll fins I have seen added to hull under water near the chines. The stern seems to ride higher.

    The prop wash now does not touch the swim platform.

    The fuel economy seemed to be higher - difficult to say for sure but my average mileages went up - but I also think I ran slower more often.

    The one negative is the boat is not as responsive to the helms - more rudder needed at slow speed in particular - but not a deal breaker.

    In short would I do again - yes


    From boatworkfl "Pat"

    I was not able to install my tunnels this year, I decided to wait until next year as my water tank sprung a leak, inspection found a major weld seam leak and further inspection found that the top looked like a sieve there were so many holes there.

    So I will build 2 new fiberglass tanks and rip apart the wet transom from the water line down and repair it, then install the tunnels.

    Bayliner 3870 "ALASKA33)
    Twin 350 GM power
    Located in Seward, AK
    Retired marine surveyor

    Sounds similar to what others have found, with the added benefit of less roll. Hopefully next year I will have some more time to boat and do this to ours.
    1987 3818 Hino 175
    "Knotty Girl"
    Prince Rupert B.C.