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House Bty - 3988 Not charging from alternator-gctid824141

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  • Checks_Five-Oh
    Thanks Gary, I will take a look next weekend when I am at the boat and let you know. I do remember seeing the negative wire you are talking about, now I need to trace it back. Cheers


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  • The_Other_Gary
    The original build was a battery isolator mounted on the starboard engine starboard stringer. A Previous owner may have upgraded this to a battery combiner.

    You first need to access this to see what you have. Access is through the panel at the rear of the water heater compartment.

    If you have an isolator it may be pooched and need a replacement. A battery combiner is more efficient in terms of line loss.

    If you have a battery combiner it has a small black ground wire that must be connected to a negative battery terminal to operate. Follow the black wire and make sure it has not been disconnected at some point.

    Let us know what you find.



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  • Norton_Rider
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  • House Bty - 3988 Not charging from alternator-gctid824141

    From what I understand, the stbd alt. charges the house bty. Meter shows alternator is doing it's job from the volt meter while above 1200 rpm, however, I am not convinced that the alternator is charging the house battery.

    I would think that there is a wire going from the alternator directly to the house battery, is this correct?

    Thanks for any help.