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Stop Solenoid Boot how to replace 3288-gctid824119

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  • Stop Solenoid Boot how to replace 3288-gctid824119

    Ok, got new boots. Looks more complicated than I thought. Does anyone have a how to so I don't mess up the setting.

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    There is nothing to that setting. It's a real easy job just unhook and do it. The solenoid doesn't require a setting because it is just on/off. I changed the whole solenoid in about 10 minutes.


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      How do you replace a solenoid when you can't find an exact replacement. Pick one that looks the same? The one on one of my Mits. stopped working. Had it bench tested and it is dead. Right now I use a cord on a pulley and it works fine. But I have to open the engine room door to pull it.
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        Bill, you need to go old school.......

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