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What provisions should we leave behind and buy in the US-gctid823014

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    What provisions should we leave behind and buy in the US-gctid823014

    We're planning to cruise the San Juan Iislands this weekend, leaveing from Mayne Island on the Canadain side. This is the first time we have taken a boat south in 10+ years. Everyone onboard has Nexus.

    What provisions should we leave behind and purshase in the US?

    Last time I left for the US, I was loaded to the gunwales with food and booze, but that was enroute to Maui.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    US customs still takes serious issue with products of Cuba (Cuban Cigars and Havana Club Rum).
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      Everything is cheaper here. Provision in Friday Harbor.
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        Most fruits are not allowed. Potatoes should be cooked, we do the same with eggs. The US customs website is easier to negotiate.

        Declare all of your alcohol. It seems bottles that haven't been opened are of more interest than those that are part gone aka bar stock.

        Roche Harbor also has a Kings Market but beverages are more limited.

        I understand that Kings in Friday Harbor will deliver your groceries to the dock....or so it's rumored.
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          Even with Nexus, you will need a US Cruising Pass. I don't know all the specifics, but my Nanaimo friends have to get one each year and spend time filling out forms, paying money, and they have Nexus.
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            How far south are you going? Fuel is way cheaper in the US. Wine, much better selections and prices. Your meats are better, in general. Otherwise, no significant differences.


              Post 5 mentions a cruising pass. (any vessel 30 feet or over) It is here: and means that you need one before you can use the advantages of a Nexus phone-in. Not enough time to get one now, so you'll have to check-in in person and they will issue it.

              Booze is a crap-shoot in either direction. There are strict rules but application varies by officer. Agriculture restrictions are rigidly enforced.
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                Agreed with the comments about fruits and vegetables. Buy any produce after you've crossed and dispose of any remaining ones before you come back. I've personally had these items confiscated out of pure naivety. Lesson learned.
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                  Thanks for the input everyone. I ordered a cruising pass last week, rush, but it hasn't shown up. I'm hoping proof of purchase will be enough.
                  2004 Meridian 580 "Mostly Harmless"
                  1997 Bayliner 4788 & 1990 Bayliner 3888


                    If you are planning on filling up with a substantial amount of diesel, this place in Fisherman Bay has the lowest pricing. Just watch the channel markers carefully as you navigate the winding entrance to the bay. Have fun on your cruise!

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                      Hi Morgan

                      Hope it all goes well,good advise here...we will be in Garrison Bay ..might have a Blue Buck left or two.just crossed over today from Sidney will be here till Tuesday.
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                        We just got back from the San Juans...we cleared customs at Roche.....not the friendliest customs officers in the world...but just be polite and asnwer the questions for the cruising permit carefully. IE: what country is your Bayliner manufactured?

                        I said Washington State.....he said...I asked you what country! It went downhill from there.

                        Cost is $19 for one year or has he explained before he mentioned the one year can get a one cruise permit for $19 to get in the country and pay another $19 and check in when you leave.

                        My tip for Roche is get there early. We left Sidney Spit early and arrived before the biats were lined up.

                        Later i pn the morning boats are milling around teying tomstay in a line tombet dock space at customs.

                        Love the San everything down there and save $$$
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                          I've had NEXUS for years and never heard of a crusing pass? Is that like the useless customs sticker? We've phone in for 7-8 years with NEXUS both coming and going. It's never been mentioned, can someone enlighten me please?

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                            I believe last year was the first year, it replaces the previous decal/sticker.
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                              We have been Nexus card holders for years, and this is our second year with the cruising license, which I believe is a West Coast thing.

                              Getting the license is simple, as you enter US waters, phone Nexus as usual to get your clearance or landing number, and tell them where you plan to report to customs. They will fill out the documents on line, and forward them to the customs at your port of entry. When you arrive, they will have 90% of the information in the system already so the rest of the process to get the cruising license is quick, and costs $19.00 US.

                              As you have reported in, they are likely to check your boat, and we have found that honesty about alcohol quantities etc. is the least stressful way to go.

                              Note: if you a renewing a cruising license, the previous year's license has to be surrendered at least 14 days before the new one will be issued, HOWEVER, if your boat was built in the US, there is no waiting time. This rule was introduced this year.

                              BTW - The DTOPS decal is no longer required, and this process in only required at the time of your first entry into the US following the expiry date of the previous year's cruising license.
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