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    Transmission replacement 3587 or 4087-gctid822422

    I am looking to buy and extremely interested in the 4087. I found one at a ridiculously tempting price but it has a transmission that needs to be replaced. I am not sure which one, port or starboard. Has anyone had this job done and if so about what did it cost? Is $5,000 enough of an allowance? I also kind of wonder what could've gone wrong with it. The engines have 1,000 hours on them, they are 315 Cummins.
    Tony Bacon,
    Washougal, WA
    Caspian, MMSI 338355743
    1997 3788 Cummins 250hp

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    One of the country's best transmission shops is Harbor Marine in Everett, WA. They can give you a quote on a rebuilt transmission for the boat. I'd also shop around for new prices. When I replaced the transmission on my boat, my mechanic was able to find a brand new one, with full warranty for just a bit more than a rebuilt one. You should ask a couple of local shops what they charge to remove and replace the transmission, this will give you an idea on the labor. Lastly, factor in the price of a transmission cooler. Not only is it a good idea to replace, it is required to maintain the warranty on a new ZF transmission.
    1999 3788, Cummins 270 "Freedom"
    2013 Boston Whaler 130 SS
    Anacortes, WA
    Isla Verde, PR


      This spring the port transmission on our 1996 4087 with Cummings 250's refused to go into reverse. Every time I tried it would kill that engine. I was told the most likely cause of the failure was a rapid shift between forward and reverse without time for the gears in the tranny to slow enough to prevent damage. The failure reared its head at 1050 hours. The Hurth 630A gearbox is no longer manufactured and was replaced with a ZF equivalent together with a heavier upgraded flex plate. The tranny was $2,600 and flex plate was $360. Throw in new tranny coolers (both sides), labor, haul out, etc. and the total I paid was $6,300. The work was done by Pacific Marine Center in Anacortes, WA.

      BTW, 4087's came with Cummings 250, 270 or 330 HP. I haven't heard of them with 315's but could be mistaken. You may want to confirm that spec but the gearbox should still be the Hurth 630A if it's the original.

      Hope this helps. Good luck!
      Why Naut
      1996 Bayliner 4087
      Twin Cummins 250 HP 6BTA5.9 M2
      Anacortes, WA

      MMSI 338311223


        The 315/330 Cummins as it is variously referred to depending on the CPL number and injector pump setup has 2 inch shafts

        This is from bayliners build list for the 4087

        * 69002 330 CUMMINS PORT HURTH 800A2 1.57:1 1.0 EA

        * 69003 330 CUMMINS STBD HURTH 800A2 1.57:1 1.0 EA

        * 62076 MOTORMOUNT F/ CUMMINS 315/250 8.0 EA

        Parts are available or ZF makes a direct replacement ZF 80 A which will run about $5000 installed
        "Adios Dinero"
        1997 3988 with new 330 Cummins
        Photo Credit: Whiskywizard