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Is there a Oil Drain Plug on the Hino 4588 Engine??-gctid399174

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    Is there a Oil Drain Plug on the Hino 4588 Engine??-gctid399174

    I want to change the engine oil on my 4588 Pilothouse Hino marine diesels. I have not done so before so I do not know if I will have to pump the oil out or if the engines came standard with a oil pan drain plug. I prefer to drain the oil from below the engines to remove any heavy metallic particles so I was wondering if any of you guys know if there is drain plug on the Hino 250 HP engines. Thank you in advance.

    Capt. Paul

    There is a drain plug but keep in mind that there is 4 plus gallons of oil in that engine. To drain it will require you to put a pan under it and drain part of the oil then cap it while you empty the pan. This could get very messy.

    Unless you are going to install a remote line that you could hook a pump system up to. I would recommend that you just use a suction type pump to empty through the dip stick tube. You will get most of everything out and probably as much as draining through the plug.

    Access to these engines equally on either side is just not there. Don't make your job any harder than it is already going to be.
    Patrick and Patti
    4588 Pilothouse 1991
    12ft Endeavor RIB 2013
    M/V "Paloma"
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      My 87 4550 has two stainless steel capped hoses attached to the drain plugs of the engine that are accessible from between the engines. When changing oil, I pump from these hoses after running the engines for a while to warm up the old oil and make sure any sediment is in suspension before pumping it out.

      Don't forget to also change the oil filters on the starboard side of each engine - unless your luck enough to have a remote filter for the starboard engine mounted on the port side of the stbd. engine!!!!

      Not sure of your set-up but you'll need to crawl around the engine room to see what you have.



        The engines virtually sit on the hull so there is no clearance to drain the oil. A steel braid covered hose comes up the center aisle side of the engines about a foot high from the banjo fitting installed in the oil pan where a drain plug would normally be installed. Buy a 12v self contained oil pump/ tank and go thru the plug on the end of that hose if you want to pull oil from the lowest part of the engine. You can clip the leads on the starboard engine starter terminals for power. The self contained oil removal unit will make your life bearable without having to worry about handling a drill, pump, and hose with a bucket of oil that will most likely end up splattering your carpet. You can use a small plastic container below the oil filters to catch the leakage when the filters are unscrewed. You can change the oil with virtually no mess on these engines.


          I agree that you should warm the engines to make the oil flow better and get contaminants suspended in the oil before removal. I use a vacuum apparatus so warm oil makes the oil flow better. I have 10.25 quarts capacity to suck up and most of it is recovered through the drain lines installed by Hino. I do not use the dipstick tube-there is a dedicated drain tube on 175's that is attached to the pan drain and I thread my vacuum line into it, you might see if your engines have dedicated drains.