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    so our first dive was for evaluation. We went down the chain at about 30 ft we could see the wreck and the surrounding area. The only thing in the area was the wreck. If I had dropped anchor as little as 25 ft any direction I would have been clear. We reach the wreck and followed the chain where it went under. The challenge though was the soft silt bottom. As soon as we got anywhere near it it stirred up and we had zero visibility. The search effort to find where the chain came out became a touch and feel process. We were using some probe hooks I made from some rebar and were able to eventual y snag the chain. Turns out even if we had visibility the bottom was so soft the entire chain was under the silt close to 10 inch. Once we found the chain we attached a slip ring and marker bouy then surfaced to strategize.
    4788 PH 2001, Cummins 370's
    2355 C Express, 1996 5L
    17ft Cobra, 1985, 125HP

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      The chain was really fouled, wrapped around the wreck from its bow, ran along the starboard side, around the transom and pulled back hard until it hit the keel. We decided to try and use the dinghy to unwrap the chain. We loaded about 200ft of chain we that was clear of the wreck (manually) and slowly worked it from the surface around to the marker we had set on the other side. While this got us unwrapped the chain was still trapped hard under the wreck. So we attached it to the transom of the big boat and started pulling on it. Took a pretty good tug but it finally came out from under, but then everything stopped.

      Well dive 2 we went down to evaluate, could not see what was causing the issue, went back to the surface, I had made up two lift barrels, picture attached. We took one down and hooked it on to the chain. I had calculated the lift of each barrel at about 400lb displacement. So this created a pretty solid up force but did not get things loose ( at least not at first) since the chain was out from under the wreck we decided to bring the chain fwd to the windlass and see if adding the windlass force to the barrel might get things to move. This seemed to be working for a while but stopped at about 75 ft of chain short of getting all my chain back in, however during the effort the barrel finally surfaced and pulled up the anchor, but short of the surface and I still could not get all the chain in, had about 70 ft still out, in45 ft depth. The mid section was still pinned on the bottom.
      4788 PH 2001, Cummins 370's
      2355 C Express, 1996 5L
      17ft Cobra, 1985, 125HP

      Exploring the Salish Sea


        Dive 3, we went back in to take a look, anchor was about 10 ft from the surface hanging on the barrel, the chain went towards the bottom, but as we got a better look it was snagged on a 8ft rail section that had apparently separated off the wreck and that was snagged into the bottom by what we think was the anchor of the wreck and its chain rode, and rope. We were able to cutt the rope section and everything went to the surface. Anchor, barrel, hand rail, and rode from the wreck, all in a big snarled mess.

        So I may have a record for how bad you can foul an anchor, It was under the wreck, under a hand rail that was buried in the silt and also hooked in the wrecks anchor.

        I took my team out for dinner and drinks for celebration. we did have a great adventure,

        I appreciate those BOC members who offered advice and assistance.

        We did try to get some GoPro video, but visibility was so bad you don't see much of anything. Wish it had turned out so we could share.

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        4788 PH 2001, Cummins 370's
        2355 C Express, 1996 5L
        17ft Cobra, 1985, 125HP

        Exploring the Salish Sea


          Really great story about the recovery and I believe everyone toasted your success on the recovery. However to prevent others having to go through the experience the exact gps coordinates of the wreck would be a tremendous benefit to all. It doesn't matter really what the Coast Guard has it's more about others avoiding the problems you've encountered.


          RB Cooper


            I had intended to post the GPS coordinates and will, but forgot to bring them home with me. I need to go back to the boat and expect to have them probably end of next week. It has been part of my intent to let others know about the monster that awaits them.:S

            Hey, one of my team members sent me the coordinates in an email, he had marked it on his ipad.

            I have pasted them in here


            Deer Harbor, west side near the cliff, less than 200ft of the shore.

            There is a private dock just off the south end of the cliff and the wreck is slightly north of that dock.

            It does make a very strong echo with a depth sounder.

            Latitude / Longitude: N48┬░37.123', W123┬░00.390
            4788 PH 2001, Cummins 370's
            2355 C Express, 1996 5L
            17ft Cobra, 1985, 125HP

            Exploring the Salish Sea


              Love the happy ending. Glad that you got your anchor back to its rightful place. Thanks for sharing your adventure.
              Rick Grew

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                Looks like you fed the crew in Friday Harbor. Great story and a successful recovery.
                Tally and Vicki
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                  Kudos to you for the tenacity. Great end to the story.
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                    Excellent work!,
                    Jim Gandee
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                      Thank you Knot. I now have a wreck icon placed on that location on my iSailor app.
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                        Well done.

                        Thank you for telling the story.
                        Jim McNeely
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                          Went to Navionics to put a marker on their chart and someone has already done it. Thanks for the heads up, we anchor in that area when our club outstation is full.

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