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Bennett trim tab indicators-gctid819819

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  • Tabman

    You spoke to the factory? Do you know who you spoke with? When did you speak speak with them?

    Lastly they were installed a couple of moths ago, correct?


    Bennett Marine

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  • bayjon
    started a topic Bennett trim tab indicators-gctid819819

    Bennett trim tab indicators-gctid819819

    Hey Tabman !

    I purchased tab indicators EIC5000 and had them yard installed in the tab cylinders. It worked for a couple months but now the starboard indicator shows a flashing yellow light on the top when you try to lower the tab..I talked to the factory, followed all the instructions to recalibrate, swap sensor wires, etc. The problem switches sides with the sensor wire swap, indicating the sensor is bad. I tried tapping on tab while moving the tabs up and down, but no change. All indications are a bad sensor in the starboard tab. Changing this will require a haulout for a 47 foot boat. I have ordered new pigtails for the sensors, and I will shorten the starboard sensor wire when I install them, but so far the factory has shown NO inclination to provide any parts. I have to go to a Bennett dealer and order them. Will they honor a warranty on the sensor, or can you help me get one to replace the bad one I have?

    The tabs are working fine, it's just the indicator for the starboard set that is bad.