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    Lofrans Tigres Windlass-gctid819487

    Hi Folks After much searching through many anchoring websites and BOC I finally decided on the type of anchor gear I wanted. I have a 3288 and the anchor locker is very small so I opted for 200 feet of 8 brait easily stacked rope and 80 feet of 5/16 G40 HT chain and a Rocna Vulcan 20 anchor. Hundreds of dollars later (maybe more!) imagine my surprise when I found out the Tigres would not pull the 8 brait rope and there were no gypsy's that I could buy that would pull both rope and chain. THEN I found out I probably shouldn't use G40 HT chain in the Tigres either so I'm batting 100%. Can someone tell me if there is a way around all this. Are people using G40 5/16 chain without any problems? At least that would cover 80 feet of my woes. How do folks transfer from the "rope" head on the left to the chain. I come from hydraulic anchor winches so I am completely in the dark here.

    Thanks for any help or suggestions. Trying to keep my sense of humor going so I'll sign out as "Anchorless in Alaska" M/Y Smitten

    The Lofrans will not work with a combo rode.

    The only way to do it is to use the capstan to bring in your line, then use a clevis hook on a short line to secure the chain, then switch to the chain gypsy.

    I prefer to use a all chain rode, solves the problem.

    The tigress is an exellent windlass, suited for a much larger load than you will ever lift.

    If you really want to have a combo rode, and have it on one gypsy you'll have to downsize your windlass.


    Whats the weather like on the boat

    Where am I right now?


      I had that exact windlass on my 32xx too. I had 125' of 5/16 chain then a very stiff rhode, probably 5/8, possibly 3/4. If I let out more than just the chain I would just pull by hand till I got to the chain, then used the windlass. And when it stopped working (foot switch corroded) it was all by hand. That's a good workout. I was going to go all chain but sold the boat.
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