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Do I need to keep either of these on my 4550?-gctid819412

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    Do I need to keep either of these on my 4550?-gctid819412

    The previous owner of our '86 4550 added extensions to the exhausts that carry them back beyond the swim step. In fact, they will hit a dock before the swim step would. At the end of each exhaust, he installed a Salisbury 6" exhaust flapper. HIs reason for these extensions was too keep soot off the swim step. I haven't seen anything like this on any of the 45s that I have seen.

    The extension consists of a rubber 6"ID exhaust hose sleeved over the exhaust port at the transom, then a 6" OD fiberglass tube wijth the exhaust flapper on the end. There is an improvised stainless strap hanger holding the end up about 6" from the edge of the swim step.

    I would like to shorten or eliminate the extension and either eliminate the flapper (since they are starting to get torn and ragged) or move it to sleeve over the exhausts port at the transom.

    Can anyone give me a reason why I shouldn't get rid of the extension?

    Do I need to keep the flapper?

    1986 4550 "Embark"
    Tacoma, WA

    On my 32 ft the previous owner installed the same thing. I removed them and haven't regretted it.

    Keep the flappers.they are supposed to be there
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