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EH700 175hp raw water impeller replacement...Kashiyama pump-gctid818703

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    EH700 175hp raw water impeller replacement...Kashiyama pump-gctid818703

    My impellers were last changed 4 years and 530 hours ago. (BTW, the old impeller still looked great)

    I have always hired a mechanic to do the replacement for me. This time I thought I would do the job myself. So, this morning I went to the boat and replaced the starboard impeller without too much problem. On my 3870 access to the starboard pump is easy.....but when I now look at the Port pump., if I lay between the engine and batteries I can reach in to the pump with one hand...I'm not sure I can do it myself.

    Those of you who do this on your own....what suggestions do you have, how do you manage to do it?

    Thanks for your suggestions
    1986 - 3870
    175 Hinos
    Moored in Ladysmith BC

    Our resident expert, Earl "The Bayliner Guru", suggested, when I asked, that I lay between the motors and loosen the bolts underneath then you can lift the pump to a place you can get at it.....or so he said. I haven't tried it yet. Some here have said they remove the hose connections to get the pump to an even easier place to take apart.
    P/C Pete
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      I lay on top of the port motor from between the engines and reach under the mount with a wrench to loosen the 4 mounting bolts. I then loosen the tension on the belt and remove it. I then remove completely the 4 mounting bolts and lift the pump out and take it to my workbench to overhaul.

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        I have the same problem....I remove the 4 bolts,tension bolt, also the 2 bolts that are on the metal elbow (exit of raw water) ,leaving main ( long section) of raw water hose attached the one from sea strainer then you swing it over between the engines for repair ......Good luck Brad
        Brad & Sharon
        Lady Jake
        1985 4550 EH 700TI /Twin Disc 502
        Anacortes/La Conner, Wa.


          Dang the fall, I'm going to give a serious look at fabricating some sort of bracket that will raise the seawater pump a couple of inches so we can change our impellers without having to disassemble the whole darned thing! This should be a 15 minute per engine task, rather than a whole day of gruntin', sweatin', and cussin'! :P




            EH700 raw water pump, impellers, how to change, and tips....

            Northport NY