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lost images of pre-repair state - help! 1986 3270-gctid817626

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    lost images of pre-repair state - help! 1986 3270-gctid817626

    Hi all,

    I took my 3270 apart to chase rot 10 years ago and have misplaced the digital images of the engine room I took before ripping in with every tool known. I am hoping I can appeal to the 3270 owners out there to post some shots of the inside of the transom and also looking forward from the transom toward the bulkhead. A few of the other side of the bulkhead would be helpful too - but I'm not sure I'll be able to return that portion to it's original configuration since there's been some "dimensional shift". I'm particularly interested in the steering stabilizer mount location - I remember there being a block attached, but don't know where.

    Much appreciated!

    Hope these will help. Not the neatest, cleanest engine compartment (yet) but it conveys the basic idea.


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    Newport, Oregon
    South Beach Marina
    1986 3270 with twin 110 HP Hino diesels. Name of boat "Mr. Darcy"
    Past work history: Prototyping, tooling, and repair for Reinell,. General fiberglass boat repair starting in 1976.
    Also worked as heavy equipment mechanic, and machinery mechanic for over 30 years.


      Thanks so much! This is really helpful. The stabilizer mount on the transom looks easy to locate now. I need to figure out what I'm going to mount steering and strainers to - maybe epoxied plywood box tubes? Got lots of that laying around.