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  • 4588 ice maker help-gctid817536

    Wondering if anyone can shed some light on a problem we are having. While plugged in at the marina our ice maker won't make ice. It runs initially sounds like it will work but then nothing. The unit is cold, but the cycle just never completes. This being said when we are out and use the gennie the ice maker works no issue.

    Anyone know why this is happening?
    Al & Sherri
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    That's just weird.
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      Check your voltage & amps when on shore power? Maybe shore power is not providing enough voltage or amps to run the compressor so it is cold enough to make ice? If original panel then you have the rotary switch for section and that may be the issue as well...we went through two switches and finally did an entirely new panel with breakers for vs rotary switch for source selection as it was so frustrating what those switches will mess with as they start to fail (ie refer, ice maker, invert, LED TV's, computer, etc)
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        This doesn't make sense, I wonder if it is a coincidence? Our ice maker would get cold but would not make ice I replaced the whole ice maker assembly ~$150 from Amazon and it works great now.
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          Yes we had the same problem to! Would run forever, drop 6 cubes in 24 hrs!!! One day I was vacuuming, bent down to pick up something, and noticed, what I thought was an air filter over the condenser at the bottom of the ice maker!!!! Hum!! removed the lower cover to find out that it was years of build up of dust and lint!!! Vacuumed the condenser, and right away started making ice, lots of ice. Hope this helps. Laurie.


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            If shore power voltage is too low it may not be able to operate the solenoid valve. The valve could also be getting weak and more sensitive to low voltage. Same goes for the harvest motor.

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