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    3888 Start up check and more!-gctid817483

    Dave, firstly welcome aboard. Re your query, it would help if you advised what engines she has and your location. Hino or Cummins (assuming its diesel)??

    Firstly, I'd be checking oil levels and running your finger on the underside of the valve cover filler (if there is one) to check for cream (water in oil). Also general evidence of leaks around raw water pumps and hoses. Other than ensuring fuel valves are open and fuel filter bowls clear, it's basically try to start it and see. Try one at a time. Have someone check the engine exhaust to see if there is water coming thru. If not shut it down. If it doesn't fire after 3-4 cranking attempts, it then a trouble shooting exercise.

    If you are buying, have you had her lifted/cleaned to check the hull etc? Depending on growth, it would be important to determine your sea cock thru hulls are clear and any sea trial needs to be on a clean bum. There are far more qualified folks to comment on specifics for each engine brands and you should have a suitably qualified marine mechanic check it out for you.

    Hope this assists. Cheers

    PS. I'll move your post to Motor Yachts where it'll get more visibility
    John H
    Brisbane QLD Aust

    2000 - 4788/Cummins 370's