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AC power to 4788 cockpit-gctid816934

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    AC power to 4788 cockpit-gctid816934

    Thinking about installing 2 cameras in cockpit under overhang. Any suggestions on how to get A/C power up by the deck lights?

    Thanks for your input.


    through the settee, and up through the corner Trim


    Whats the weather like on the boat

    Where am I right now?


      I mounted two Axis P3905 (I think that's the model #) on the back part of the cockpit overhang. One looking down at the swim platfom and one looking back for use while underway. It's a bit of a pain to do because as you run the wire or fish tape around the corner of the over hang it wants to get caught at the base of the corner if that makes sense. I actually got either a wire or a fish tape stuck in there trying to run cabling for mine. So, I cut an access hole in the underside with a hole saw (2") and covered it when I was done. Hope this helps you. Are you trying to do what I've done or are you trying to gain camera coverage for the cockpit?

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        Do you need AC power up there vs DC. In any event most cameras that Derek is referring to get their power from the Cat 5 type cable interface, so the screen the camera is connected too is where the power is needed and running the cable to the camera's position is relatively simple. Or am I confusing your question??

        You can get the cable in the fly bridge side gutters with a long plastic flexible fish/mouse rod. The rear Nav light on the fly bridge deck has an access hatch on the centre rear cockpit roof that you can use to thread the mouse rod around the side corners to plug holes in the roof side gutters to the scupper drain cockpit corner access hatch.

        Hope this access.

        John H
        Brisbane QLD Aust

        2000 - 4788/Cummins 370's


          A couple or curious questions come to mind considering what you're trying to do.

          What kind of cameras might you be trying to install under your eves and what is your need? E.g. Are they to see down the side of the boat, forward, rearward, etc....

          What kind of monitor are you trying to interface with? VGA, rca, hdmi, proprietary , etc.....

          The reason I ask is I have many cameras installed around Omega for different needs. They are installed to monitor everything from the engine room to infrared for night cruising. I have two micro cameras that are installed along the gunnels (port and starboard) that I use at times during docking . They are about an inch by inch and work perfectly (see below). They are DC powered through the video cable. A simple 1/4" hole was used to install the camera. The cable was easily routed along the various hiddingn places due to its small size.

          I hope this helps,




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