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    3288 Bimini Canvas TopReplacement-gctid398636

    Need to locate a reliable source for a replacment Bimini Top Canvas for my 1991 3288MY. Can anyone give me a hand on this?

    Dick McKee


    [email protected]

    I've had good luck with Leta's shop (and have other stuff on order with her now) - she has all the original Bayliner templates (according to legend) and can make exact replacements. If you still have the original hoops/frame, send her the boat info (inc. hull number) and she'll get a price back to you pretty quickly...
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    1989 Bayliner 3270 - SOLD-


      I too always use Leta.


        I see that you live in Rockville...I grew up in Rockville...bought a house in Gaithersburg...then moved up to Frederick co. (after I sold the G-burg house)

        I don't know any canvas shops that I can recommend from personal use.....but....I'm sure there are a few in the Annapolis area or at least somewhere on or around the Chesapeake Bay. A Google search should give you some good results.

        I'm not knocking Leta's, it's just that they are on the other side of the country. Using someone a little more local would allow you to deal with them face to face. Getting the top locally would also save on shipping costs if you couldn't pick it up yourself..


          I had Leta's do some work for me, as recommended from this and another forum, and I will never use them again. Several others around my marina have had similar bad experiences with them as well.


            I do most of my own canvas and would never suggest you use mail order for something this big as it probably must be fitted. Things change in time and all fasteners may not be original. For something like seat covers I'm sure mail order will work but not on a full top.

            Another suggestion is to have the roof top made of sunbrella with the vinyl underside (can't remember the technical name for this material but there are probably a few manufactures) as it is fully waterproof. Have the sides made of normal material that breathes.

            Also have them use regular zippers, not coil zippers as coil are not as strong, nothing smaller than #10. RIRI or Ykk seem to be good (I prefer RIRI) and 30 gauge vinyl, with a good UV coating for windows. Also make sure they use a good quality thread that is UV resistant Poly.

            A local canvas person with a good recommendation.

            Hope this is of some help.