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Gel Coat color match on a 3218-gctid398586

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  • Mikalkc
    Spectrum used to have the original color formula for each year. The problem is your boat is 24 years old and there is an amazing amount of color drift/fade depending on where the boat has lived over the years. I use a white base gelcoat paint and use yellow and brown pigment VERY sparingly. Mix it before you harden. Compare your mix on a number of places on your boat you will be surprised how different it will look in different areas. I make a pint or so of pigmented gelcoat and use it as needed. Stir it, add hardner at the appropriate ratio, and either roll it or cut it with acetone to a fairly thin consistancy and spray it. I use a Preval sprayer for small to medium jobs. Mask off areas if you spray. Sand (wet) with 320 grit to take off the heavy excess, then 400-1000 grit to get rid of sand marks. 1600 to finish then rubbing compound and rewax. Usually uneveness shows more than color variations so its really more important to feather in the new gelcoat regardless of where you get it. Hopefully somebody will chime in with the Spectrum contact numbers.

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  • Guest
    Guest replied

    My 1995 was a perfect match.

    I'm sure other boat sales stores carry Spectrum products.

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  • ronbo404
    started a topic Gel Coat color match on a 3218-gctid398586

    Gel Coat color match on a 3218-gctid398586


    I have a 1988 3218

    Has anyone had any luck getting an "off-the-shelf-" color match for the gel coat, rather than try to add color myself. Have some chips I would like to take care off.