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    I've been using Delo 400 30 weight in my Hino 175s for years but I see there is a good deal on Rotella T1 straight 30 weight at a local supplier.

    Is this oil ok or should I go with the Rotella T4 15 - 40 weight?

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    I have been running delo multi-weight from costco for the past 5 years.

    Somewhere I did read that there was an update from Hino to allow for use of multi-weight oil.
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      In my 1993 150 Hinos two yrs ago I switched From straight grade 30 Rotella to 15w 40. My Hino manual states you can use either. for my temp. range, ease of starting, etc. I chose to switch. either way your ok. I did alot of research on oil.... I guess I was bored ? good luck George


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        I ran Rotella 15w40 this summer. Then I spoke with Earl the Hino expert. He advised against Rotella. Recommended Delo 400 or for the best run Ames Marine Diesel synthetic. I switched to the Ames oil.
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          I have run Rotella 15-40 in all our diesels for over 30 years now with great results. At times we have purchased the Rotella in 32 gallon drums and/or 5 gallon pails.

          This includes but is not limited to: 4 sets of Hino's, 4 marine gensets, twin Cummins, Twin Lehmanns, A Perkins, a Yanmar, a couple of Navistar truck engines and a couple of Cummins truck engines.

          Any good quality oil rated for your engine will be fine if you change it and the filters regularly.
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