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    Ciera Command Bridge-gctid816141

    I've been researching smaller yachts and trawlers for about a year. I hope to retire in 3.5 years and at the top of my bucket list is to cruise Americas great loop. A larger boat suited for that trip of course brings on a whole new commitment to boating. (slip fees, haul outs for cleaning, the list goes on and on) I recently came across a 2001, 3058 I Think, Command bridge. It had twin diesels with all the bells and whistles. Loaded with nav equipment on a tri-axle trailer. It had a sale pending and sold. Not familiar with Bays I joined the BOC for direction, advice and research support. Of course cruising the loop is quite a voyage but afterwords I want to keep my boat but avoid the expense of dock life.

    What are some thoughts on the ciera command bridge in big water? ie: Gulf crossing, Georgian Bay crossing, Lake Heroin & Michigan

    Cabin space seems ok but I haven't been in one. A trailer-able boat would cure my dock life expense after the trip. I could buy a larger one then sell it but its no easy to sell a yacht.

    Help me here, give me some thoughts. Thanks, Randy

    Our former admin Kevin Sanders bought a 32 Avanti command bridge (similar to what you want, but not identical) and ran it up from Seattle to Alaska, and it did well.
    Matt Train
    BOC Site Team
    Chicagoland, IL