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1994 4388 delamination on the foredeck-gctid815565

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    1994 4388 delamination on the foredeck-gctid815565

    I just purchased a project 1994 4388. The boat was found to be in exceptional condition by the surveyor except for delamination found on the foredeck. it starts at the windshield and runs to the about 8 inches before the skylight. It appears that it stops right at the bulkhead between the head and forward stateroom. This is on both the port and starboard side and is not migrating to the sides or to the lounging area between these two side areas.

    I have checked around and am getting two different remedies. The first is to remove the skin, clean it out and lay another coring material then put the skin back on. The second is to come in from underneath doing the same from the bottom.

    I prefer the first as I have never seen an interior removed and replaced without causing damage and a permanent look of, "this looks like it was torn out and replaced". at this time the interior is in excellent condition and I'd like to leave it that way.

    A couple people are saying to inject but honestly this thing is so soft, it oil cans 1" when stepped on, I just don't see injection working and neither do the glass guys that want to come in from the top or bottom.

    The areas are about 4'x3' with the rest of the deck sounding out solid.

    Have any of you seen a job like this done with good long term success? I had a very reputable shop say that they wouldn't touch it because of the inherent flaw in this model that will cause the problem to occur again. They said the water is coming in from the windshield mounts and can't really be fixed. I though maybe an epoxy dam between the windshield and the coring??

    Thanks, Jack

    Hi Jack

    This is a major undertaking.If known water intrusion is from windshield,I woul seal the entire window,remove rubber gasket clean,mask,and Sikaflex(black) it,now no water can ever get in.....I wound recommend Top down less mess/projects to deal with....Injection Does Not Work !!! A good fiberglass guy can blend the " Top " edge to deck .Another tip,before resin / fiberglass goes down use a Fiberglass putty this much thicker and will fill holes cracks created from removing rotten material/water damage,this will save headliner and interior from resin weeping thru.

    Good luck Brad
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      I don't think delaminatoin is the right word to use. I believe rotten wood is more of the cause. That area has a 3/4 to inch thick plywood. If it's separated it got wet and rotted.

      I've been reading up on injectable repairs ( I have a soft floor) and in your case I believe it to only be a temporary patch.

      You have a good point to not taking apart the interior especially if there is a bulkhead there or anything more than just fiberglass covering. Also it's a pain in the butt working with glass over head like that and more difficult to get a good and strong result.

      If there is a core section that needs replaced the edges should be scarfed angled in so when you step there it doesn't push through the scarfs from below would be impossible to make or in the wrong direction.

      From the top would be the best way but could be a little more expensive and more difficult as there are cosmetic concerns. You would get a better result. The best way is rarely the easiest or cheapest

      There may be more rot than you think rot usually goes beyond just the soft spot. I would repair from above
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