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    Hynautic helm pump-gctid815048

    How do I find out which model this is to order a seal kit?

    Yours should be an H-50, all the Bays have them..

    Here is the link to figure them out...
    Northport NY


      H50 should be stamped on the back (hose side)

      Mine just blew an o ring this weekend, I ordered the seal kit thru amazon

      But it is a week out.... Some good rebuild info on here and u tube


        I posted a similar question today as mine started leaking onto the floor. There is a goood post on how to rebuild it and bleed the system after it is rebuilt on my post that someone shared. I also found this website that will rebuilt your unit and send it back to you. I think that is the route I am going with. They also have a link on how to bleed the system.

        How did you remove the wheel and unit and how did you relieve the pressure and cap the 3 lines you removed?


          " I also found this website that will rebuilt your unit and send it back to you. I think that is the route I am going with."

          In post #2 above there is a link- that link leads to a company that rebuilds pumps like these based out of Fla.

          "How did you remove the wheel"

          A small wheel puller, the wheel is just a tapered shaft with a small keyway.

          "and unit"

          The steering helm is held on by 4 large screws which ae attached from the backside of the helm - a larger flat blade screwdriver is required.

          "and how did you relieve the pressure"

          Schrader valve on the fluid reservoir for the system where you fill it up.

          "and cap the 3 lines you removed?"

          I use brass fitting caps but if the system is typical they will barely leak and can just be left directed into a small container.
          Northport NY


            I had removed the line before relieving the pressure. Was I surprised!


              I obtained a 3 claw wheel puller to remove the wheel. How did you reinstall the wheel?


                Have a look at as a guide to rebuild - very helpful.

                Hynautic have a service kit to replace seals for the H50.

                One thing to check that I discovered from a Hynautic workshop manual is your reservoir pressure. I used to run ours at 35psi as per the reservoir label. Hynautic manuals suggest it can be reduced to 20psi.

                I now run ours st 20psi and the steering is perfect. In theory there will be less stress on the seals and hopefully an increase period between overhauls.

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                  "I obtained a 3 claw wheel puller to remove the wheel. How did you reinstall the wheel?"

                  After the pump is rebuilt and attached to the boats helm ....

                  - turn the pumps shaft until the keyway faces 'up'

                  - place the half moon key in the keyway with the round side down and fully engaged

                  - carefully slide the tapered shaft while on the shaft aligning the keyway as you slide it in.

                  - when you have it 95% on the shaft and resistance is felt by the taper place the shaft nut (some wheels also have a washer) onto the shaft

                  - Tighten the shaft nut while holding the outside of the wheel to set the tapered fit fully in
                  Northport NY


                    Is the half moon key part of the assembly? Is the tapered shaft you are referring to the center of the wheel that slides onto the shaft? .


                      In post #1 by 1th fox1 above you can see the tapered shaft and the threads for the steering wheel retaining nut facing to 12 O'clock in his top picture

                      This is the shaft that goes through the center of the wheel - and has a key so hat even of the taper is not utilized it cannot spin on the shaft.

                      Here is another link that will supply some pics and diagrams.

                      Northport NY


                        "brian95006" post=815298 wrote:
                        I obtained a 3 claw wheel puller to remove the wheel. How did you reinstall the wheel?
                        I pulled on mine, did not feel tight enough to need a puller.


                          If you tear into your pump have someone stand over your shoulder taking a few pictures as you open it up. I'm glad I did. Even when I knew where the parts went it gave me a warm feeling knowing I had a back up when chit goes bad. There are springs and bearings that might jump out at you.
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                            I went through one of mine installing new seals and giving it a greener all cleaning. I laid everything out on an old tea towel, the in fuzzy kind, that was Admiral approved for such purpose. This was after watching several different YouTube videos that all did everything about the same way. Mark the geometry of the block that the hoses connect to. That's a big deal even though it can only go together two ways, one is absolutely wrong.

                            Having someone take pictures is a great idea. I did not take the back valve plates apart, just the pump and shaft. One video used a big, like 1" big deepwell socket to drive in a forward seal and that worked really well. Clean, clean, clean is the watchword because crumbs or dirt in there is really going to mess up the pump, or get into some smaller passages in the ram and really be a pita.

                            Bleeding the system is as easy as reading and actually following the directions. I know, not a manly thing to do, but when nobody's looking, memorize them. :evil:
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                              Seal kit went in fine......

                              No more leaks but upper helm wheel is really hard to turn.

                              Bled as per directions....... Several times ...... Arg....