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3888 Bayliner Fiberglass Hard Top Part 7-gctid814825

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    3888 Bayliner Fiberglass Hard Top Part 7-gctid814825

    Getting the Top out of the back yard.

    I have a cover on the side of the house. The cover is only about 8 1/2' at the highest point.

    That meant that I had to move the top at an angle in order to clear the house cover.

    I made a three point dolly to allow the top to be moved around at a angle. I borrowed a friends trailer and withe a little help from my friends the top made it to the front yard.

    Once on the trailer I was ready to go to the local hoist and lift the top onto the boat.

    Before the top could go on to the boat I needed to brace up some 2x4's to temperately hold the top until the stainless steel supports could be fabricated.

    The top went on the 2x4's with no problems. I was able to take the boat back to my slip and start wiring.

    After putting the boat back in the slip I went down to the local boat yard and talked with the stainless fabricator and set up an appointment for him to take a look at the top.

    This is the part that went the easiest. He showed up on time and the work was finished in about four days.

    I was very happy with his work.

    In the next part I will show some of the reining and the installation to the the stainless supports.

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