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3888 Bayliner Fiberglass Hard Top Part 6-gctid814823

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    3888 Bayliner Fiberglass Hard Top Part 6-gctid814823

    Fiberglassing the inside went a lot faster.

    I do not know if it was the fact that I was learning how to do fiberglassing or that all of the work was done using a light weight fiberglass?

    I used 1" plastic electric conduit to run the wiring from the front to the housing box in the back.

    The plan was to use the conduit to add extra strength by raping the glass around the conduit and creating a struct light beam.

    As it turned out this worked very well. It also created a hand hold to use if necessary when moving around the bridge.

    The conduit worked to feed the electrical wiring to the LED lights, Loud speaker on top, the two forward facing spot lights, the inside AM FM speakers, and the front VHF antenna coax.

    I had inserted 1" plastic nipples with caps when I was doing the wood work and then fiberglassed around them. The purpose of the nipples was to allow easy access for wires going though the top.

    All I had to do when I wanted to run a wire down was to drill a hole in the cap, put a little silicone NO LEAKS.

    The Gel coat was next.

    I rolled on the gel coat, then used a brush out any flaws.

    I used white gel coat on the top.

    I wanted blue on the inside. a very light blue. The fiberglass supplier I was using to purchase the resin from gave me about 3 oz. of dark blue pigment to use.

    Of that 3 oz. of pigment I used about 3 drops. It dose not take very much.

    Next post will be the hard part. Getting the top out of the back yard.

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