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Idea: freshwater flush for manual Jabsco heads...-gctid814439

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    Idea: freshwater flush for manual Jabsco heads...-gctid814439

    I have the manual Jabsco heads in my 38xx. (At some point, I might replace at least one of them with a little nicer head, but with a manual pump replacement every 1-2 years, these do OK.) We generally flush using a cup of freshwater rather than seawater...keeps them from generally getting too smelly.

    So, I was can't just connect the boat's freshwater supply to the flushing water supply for the head without some sort of safety valve to prevent bacteria from possibly making it's way back to the boat's freshwater supply (bad). But, I can't think of any reason you couldn't simply add a small (like maybe 2 gallon or so) freshwater tank, and connect the intake hose of the head's handpump to that. (Refill the tank manually when it gets low.) That way, it's an isolated freshwater supply for flushing.

    Particularly in the master head on the 38xx, there's room for probably a 2-3 gallon poly tank in the corner where the head is. Would have to cut a hole in the tank and put a fitting on it to connect the head's handpump intake to...but it should suck water out of a jug with a vent just as easily (or moreso) than sucking water from under the boat. Right?

    Anyone done this? What kind of tank did you use?



    I recall someone here having done that 10-15 years ago. In any case, it may be good to add a check valve to the water line to prevent any backflow into the tank.
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      I believe fourwinns are like this. A mate has a 278, and when he ran out of fresh water they couldnt flush which suprised me. Think i would rather use raw water to save the fresh water
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        We have one fresh water head and one sea water head. Both are plumbed to the correct water supply. We mostly use the fresh water head. But, on a longer trip will mostly use the saltwater head to save our fresh water on board. We find that while cruising the salt water head doesn't stink after the intake water line has been flushed out.

        Honestly, if you are wanting a fresh water flush, get the correct head. Keeping the head clean and organized will keep your resale value. Somebodies wife will say no to a boat with a rinky-dink toilet on a boat purchase. Most find the head strange enough to use on a boat as they already are.
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