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Going back to NA from Turbo on CM655 Mits Diesels-gctid813151

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    Going back to NA from Turbo on CM655 Mits Diesels-gctid813151

    Okay here is a question for you all. Have any of you converted back to NA from Turbo? I am considering this due to the large cost of these obsolete engines. If somebody would post a pic of their NA it would be much appreciated also.
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      My Mits are not turbo charge so I guess they are NA. What parts of the engine do you want photo's of? These engines are on a 1985 3870 twin 130's.
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        As is often the case in boating - the simple questions can be really complicated. This is going to require some research on your part beyond the forum to get answers that fit your boat. It's not like just taking off a turbo unit and putting plugs in some holes.

        The naval architect that designed the boat used a bunch of factors to come up with the power needed to get the boat to perform. Then the numbers were run as to how to transfer that power to the water. Interpret this to mean prop design. So if you take off the turbo units and the engine turns slower your boat won't perform as well. Just as important, if you take off the turbo units and the engines produce less torque, the props can't perform either.

        If you are changing engines that's one thing - you'll play with the props anyway. If you have another goal in mind there might be serious study of the engine makers specs.


          I believe this engines came natural from the factory and this is an after market add on. so going back to na will just be making them stock. If you do remove the turbos I may be interested in purchasing them. I have kicked around the idea of adding turbos to a 1983 38XX me and my dad have.

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