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    Mastervolt (34)MasterFault(34)-gctid813037

    Warning to Mastervolt owners

    Chargemasters become water makers!

    My boat WAS fitted with two new Mastervolt 24/80 3 Chargemasters in late 2012.

    They are bulkhead mounted in a full walk around engine room in our 70' Horizon motor yacht . The engine room is warm and dusty dry.

    First Chargemaster failed exactly 12 months ago causing full tripping of shore power due to a dead short in the charger, the cause "corrosion" due to water entry...totally impossible in that engine room!

    Mastervolt did not want to know and did nothing to help, I replaced with Victron. I knew I had a ticking time bomb with the second unit!

    Now 12 months later, almost exactly the second one has failed, same problem BUT this time water was actually dripping from within the unit!

    Turns out the top mounted cooling fans fail and the charges create condensation that drips down into the units and eventually causes a catastrophic failure in the unit and also causes potential fire risk.

    I believe this is a serious, and expensive, failure with potentially disastrous outcomes. Major design fault.

    Mastervolt will not acknowledge this problem.

    My advise to anyone that has this range of chargers is to make sure the cooling fans are working or you are guaranteed to have trouble.

    I am replacing the second unit with Victron now and that leaves me with only one small Mastervolt charger left that just does the genset batteries, having already replaced our Mastervolt inverter due to separate issues.

    Thanks Mastervolt.

    Good luck ..Bring Out Another Thousand!
    Horizon 68