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5288 pilot house/flybridge sliding door

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    5288 pilot house/flybridge sliding door

    For anyone who has one, the fly bridge access door is on rollers. There is a separate screen door too,also on rollers. The glass slider has never worked properly for us. To open it requires that it be pushed up and sideways at the same time. To service the rollers or channels seems to require a significant amount of work to access the channel.

    Any experienced owners with suggestions or anyone with tips?

    Greatly appreciated in advance.

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    I'm looking forward to seeing answers to this one. The sliding door up to the flybridge on my 5788 is also getting pretty hard to open.


      I've been noticing that my bridge door sticks and if I lift the top of the door using my head slightly the door opens easily. As such, I'm thinking that it has to do with wear on the roller guide/channel. I've been thinking of tearing that apart and will report back if I find anything... This is a great thread....





        My bridge door is OK at the moment, but based on previous experience of this type of door when we owned a 4087, I see adjustment or parts replacement in my future. I have the published parts catalog for the 5788, but there are no details there.

        The original door assembly for the 5788 was manufactured by Viplex Entry Systems of Melbourne Fla., but I've been unable to find them using Google. Threads on other forums led me to Teak Isle Products, who show an almost identical door on their website; but very few other details. They do direct you to their retail website at Boat Outfitters: where they offer all sorts of roller and track systems, and a pretty good description of the different types of doors, with or without flyscreens, but nothing specific to Bayliner at all.

        I'll keep looking for parts, but removal/reinstallation looks like it will be a nightmare..............
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          MerlinV and others,

          I just completed some work at Pacific Marine Center in anacortes.. many former Bayliner employees work there and have a wealth of knowledge on the larger yacht type boats. I was discussing the problem of difficult operation of the pilot house to flybridge sliding door on my 5788 with the man who did most of the after sale build up on the 5788s at the delivery destination. He said access to the doors is relatively simple by removing forward and aft trim at the flybridge helm console and tipping the entire console rearward to expose the doors. Wiring as delivered from the factory was sufficiently long enough to allow this to happen. Of corse, no telling what wiring has been done since delivery to complicate matters. This is going to be a winter time project for me.
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            Latch on starboard pilothouse door not working. any suggestions


              I replaced the rollers on my door on my 3587 in the past. It looks like a very similar set up. There was a thread on here with links to parts and unordered from there and they worked perfectly and door was like new. So worth some searching on here and see if you can find that thread.

              Luckliy my 5788 PH to FB door is working well. Thank god
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