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    I had my boat on the hard for bottom paint etc,

    When I put it in the water and started the engines, one of my trim tab indicators lit all the way up and then all the way down and is now flashing between 30 and 34. They normally go from 0 to 20. The up and down switch does nothing on that indicator. The tabs were working on the hard as I moved them up and down to clean them

    I know there's a trim tab guy on this forum.

    Does he or anyone else know what this could be?

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    I had that system on a boat a long time ago. I know there was a calibration sequence that would fix most issues. Do you have the manual for your indicators?
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      I'm not sure if I do.


        Tag Tabman. I have the same ones but can't get them to even light up.
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          We stopped making those indicators years ago. Here is the troubleshooting for it.

          Diagnostic Information

          The Trimdicator CPU is an onboard computer. In the event of a system malfunction, its software exhibits diagnostic information on the helm displays. The following are explanations of these troubleshooting modes:

          - When both LCD displays flash, 0-20, 0-20..., alternately, the Trimdicators need calibrating. To calibrate, run the trim tabs full-down (approximately 10 seconds for single actuators systems, 20 seconds for dual actuator

          systems, do not use the Trimdicator displays to determine tab position during calibration), and bring full-up, wait 60 seconds. The Trimdicator CPU now knows the total stroke of the trim tab actuating cylinders and is calibrated.

          - If at any time you wish to recalibrate the Trimdicator, simply turn on the power to the Trimdicator, retract the trim tabs completely, press the calibration button on the CPU, and repeat calibration procedure described above.

          - When LED displays show 30-34, 30-34..., alternately, the signal coming from the actuator sensor is interrupted. This is caused by a broken wire, bad connection, or a faulty pigtail wire(s) from the actuators(s) It can also be caused by a damaged actuator sensor.

          - When LED displays show 30-35, 30-35..., alternately, the sensor wires are shorted together. Check for obvious connection problems along the shielded cable and at the CPU. The twisted pair of wires inside the shielded cable (red or green) should produce a reading between the same color wires in the 220-260 Ohm range. If it does not read in this range, Th actuator sensor coil may be damaged.

          - Displays read "00" and will not move or recalibrate. CPU is not receiving proper voltage. Check 12 volt source. (24 and 32 volt boats require Bennett PC12 Power Converter for CPU.)


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            Tab Man,

            You rock. I was getting the 30/34 thing. I started tracing the wiring back from the indicators and found one of the connectors on the processor box was loose. Pushed it in and it's fixed.

            31 year old tabs and indicators and they still work. Great product!!!