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light colored stain over teak-gctid812655

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    light colored stain over teak-gctid812655

    i have a 1985 3270 Explorer.

    I want to re-finish some wood work on the back deck. including the swim ladder steps. After sanding off the existing stain and varnish, I find the wood is teak. Which is darker than the light colored oak stain (maybe oak colored).

    I'm curious how you make a dark teak lighter in appearance. Looks like a few coats of spar varnish seals it up. Any thoughts or ideas ?

    Thx Dave

    Once you get to the bare wood use a good quality teak cleaner. There are several out there. I'm sure others will chime in about their favorite brand. The teak cleaner will bring back the color the teak should be.

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      You can't make wood lighter with stain. Only paint will make it lighter.

      Sand more!

      I'm doing my steps as we speak. Just finished second coat of Cetol natural teak. 3rd coat tomorrow. Clear coat Friday. Second clear coat Saturday.
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        Teak A & B. Cleaner then bleach
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          Teaka A & B. Cleaner then bleach

          2002 Carver Voyager 57
          "Making Waves"
          3988 250 Hinos
          "The Dark Side"
          Alameda, California


            yep Teak A&B sure saves a lot of work
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              I used OxyClean and a ScotchBrite pad letting the Oxy soak in a bit then lightly across the grain, then VERY lightly with the grain so I didn't inadvertently remove any of the softer layers. Rinsed well after each of three cleaner cycled ( this poor boat I bought had many years of pretty much no between season upkeep). Once completely dry I applied several coats of Tung Oil. The oils soak in, replenishing what the wood's lost over the years. The wood looks great! and when I started asking questions, I remember one comment saying if you varnish, make sure it has UV protectants in it or there's a risk the varnish could begin losing its luster and could begin to craze/ crack or peel. And once you redo it with whatever method you choose it'd be best to add cleaning and reapplying to your between season "to do" list.
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                Once you have it stripped, you can use laundry bleach, then rinse it thoroughly with vinegar. Let it dry. You can do it multiple times, though the more times, the less change you will see.

                I use a hi-build UV spar varnish, usually 4 coats, lightly sanding between each. It does, however, leave an amber coloring to it. Only a water-based UV acrylic will have no color, but IMO, they have yet to perfect one that lasts like any UV spar varnish.

                I've used Cetol, including the sealer, color and finish, but never had good results with it.
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