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DIY Hino 150 Oil Change Procedure?-gctid811971

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    DIY Hino 150 Oil Change Procedure?-gctid811971

    Hello, anyone able to point me to an oil change procedure for the Hino 150? My search attempts have not been fruitful. Thanks!
    1992 3288 Soul Purpose

    I have never done the 150 Hino - but here is the procedure I use for the 6 cyl version on the same vintage (should be similar).

    "Any suggestions on changing oil in the EH700? Best pump to use? Draining filter housing?"

    I use a Jabsco vane puppy for pulling out oil and trans fluids.


    - warm oil

    - let sit for 30 minutes before removing lube oil with drain hose on engine

    - put absorbent pads under filters intending to get nothing on them but just in case

    - Then use a small tin pie pan under the filer housing

    - Open the downward facing small drain bolt near the back of the filter and let drain into the pan

    - when draining suck up the oil with the vane puppy pump

    - Hopefully you have new "O" ring for drain bolt and filter housing but if not be careful with them

    - replace drain bolt with new "O" ring

    - Have a larger zip lock bag ready , begin to loosen large housing bolt but not enough to leak

    - Cut small opening at high end of zip lock bag and slip over hosing

    - Slip bag over housing , hold end up tight away from bolt above lip, place the other small cut around the bolt head

    - Using the opening finish loosening the large bolt, do not let oil slip past lip , keep open end up higher than the middle

    - drop filter housing with bolt, washer, filter element ., spring and gasket into bag , remove to waiting pail

    - Anything that drips down will end up back in that tin pie pan for removal

    - Clean filter housing, bolt and make sure old gasket is retrieved and discarded

    - Place new filter in housing with correct orientation , replace bolt and spring and rubber gasket,lightly coat gasket with oil

    - Replace filter housing back on engine with drain bolt facing down and retighten

    - Remove snap ring on centrifuge oil filter (COF) , be carful not to damage "O" ring inside

    - Remove COF cover

    - remove top knurled retaining nut for centrifuge (note left hand threads)

    - Take the spinning 'can' assy off the top of the shaft

    - Note the arrow and mark on the 'can' cover and top before disassembly

    - remove knurled nut and take apart 'can' taking note of parts and their orientation

    - Clean all parts in suitable solvent till clean then dry

    - "Tip" use a plastic knife to get heavy loads of built up carbon crud off the inside face of the 'can'

    - Reassemble in opposite order , make sure you line up the arrow and line on the 'can' cover.

    - Fill cranckcase with oil

    - Depress stop switch and turn engine over with key for 15 seconds (no more)

    - Wait a minute

    - Redo the above step (15 seconds) until the oil pressure buzzer goes off and the gage shows something

    - Start engine without the stop switch depressed, should start within 1 second now

    - Let run for a few minutes before shutting down and rechecking for any leaks

    - Wait a good 15-20 minutes before checking the oil dipsticks

    - This may be a good time to consider marking the sticks

    Hope this helps
    Northport NY


      I like to warm the engine and change the oil one day. The next day when the oil in the filter is cold and viscous and not so messy is filter day.
      1989 26' then 1994 32' now 2001 39'