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    3270 engine removal-gctid811448

    I am looking for a mobile mechanic or someone that has pulled the Nissan SD33s out of a 3270. It is time for new fuel tanks and a bilge update. If you have experience with this engine setup and would like some work or just to share information please let me know. And yes I know these engines make for a slow boat but as a retired person I no longer feel the need to be there yesterday, tomorrow is fine.

    Thank You

    Where is the boat?
    Huntington Beach, California
    2018 Element 16
    Currently looking for 32xx in South Florida
    Former Bayliners: 3218, 2859, 2252, 1952


      I am North of Gig Harbor by Purdy. How far away are you?




        I may have talked to you on the phone, but here are my "learnings" from things I did wrong when I pulled the right engine and replaced/ repaired the tank on my 3270 with Hinos.

        1. Drain the coolant from the engine before removal

        2. Take the transmission off prior to engine removal. Gives a lot mor room to tilt the engine on removal.

        3. pry off, do not cut, the 1/4 in plywood trim that holds the tank on the ledge

        4. Do not cut the stainless straps that hold the tank in place, they are molded into the tank platform. Remove the crimped retainers and reuse the straps instead.

        5. Competely remove the fill hose at the tank prior to tank removal. I used a dremel to partially cut the hose so it would come off.

        I have a new right tank available and can deliver. PM me if interested.

        1988 3270 With 135 Hinos