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  • Push button circuit breaker reset-gctid811141

    My red push button breaker for the master stateroom lights is tripped and pushed out. I tried to reset by pushing back in but it won't reset. I am not familiar with this type of breaker.

    I shut off the power to the 12v panel - breaker will not reset.

    I tested for power at the breaker and the power side is hot.

    I removed the load wire and touched it to another breaker - stateroom lights worked.

    Questions -

    Are push button breakers re-settable? If so,

    How do they reset? If not,

    Is replacement only option?

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    It should be reset by pressing the button in. One of the breakers on my boat need to be pushed slightly further than flush, so I used a small rod. Didn't take much force, just a little further in than the surrounding surface.

    If there is a short in the circuit, you will not be able to reset it. But since you shut the panel power off, it should, but would pop out when the master breaker is placed on, if there is a short.


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      As SuperiorDiver stated, they are sometimes hard to reset by hand without using a small tool: pencil, rod, etc. If it won't reset, you may have a short in the circuit or a bad circuit breaker. You can try this test: Turn power off. Locate another CB in the panel of the same amperage. Disconnect the switched wire from that breaker and connect the wire to the master stateroom lights. Turn power on and turn on the master stateroom lights. If any lights have individual switches, make sure they are turned on. Also, turn on anything else on that circuit. Wait a bit to see if the breaker pops. If it does, there's a short or high resistance somewhere in the circuit. If it doesn't, the original breaker may be bad and needs to be replaced.
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