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    Autopilot Problem-gctid810598

    We have an Autohelm ST7000 and an ST6000 on the bridge. The ST7000 only works on auto when the bridge unit is on auto, and the pilot house steering won't engage while on standby. The wheel just turns with no rudder movement. Our 4 year old granddaughter was turning the pilot house wheel while it was on autopilot before this issue started, which I suspect has something to do with this issue .

    Any ideas for a fix?

    That's an odd one! I have the same setup so I'll try and offer some assistance. For me what stood out is that with the autopilot in standby in the PH there is no steering. When this is happening is the FB screen showing engaged (Auto)? If so, try putting the FB one in standby then try the steering in both stations. Each screen should emulate the other. If that doesn't work I would turn the breaker off for the Autopilot and let the computer for the auto pilot reboot and then try again. They computers have had issues on the boats for sure so maybe you have that starting to happen.

    Good luck and hopefully that get's you back up and running!

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      Thanks for the reply. I believe the problem is fixed as I turned the bridge wheel to port until it stopped, then turned the non-operative pilothouse wheel to port until I felt resistance. It seemed to "catch" at that point, and seems to work but will take the boat away from the dock for a field test before I trust it.

      Also, no more "driving" by grandkids while it's on autopilot!


        Sound like air in the system.

        1988 3270 With 135 Hinos