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    3988 anchor chain length-gctid810581

    Good morning all,

    I know this is kind of a loaded question, but I have a 3988 which currently does not have chain for the anchor.

    Just got the windless repaired and have on board already 100 feet of rope for the anchor.

    Now I want to add chain to it, we anchor in fresh water in NY state on Lake Champlain rarely in more that 15 feet.

    I was looking at 200 feet of chain, which seems sufficient, if I divide 200 by 7 this would imply that I could anchor in 28 feet (ratio of 7) or 42 feet if I consider the 100 feet of rope also.

    Any advice ?
    Bayliner 3988 1995 Hino 250hp

    Sounds extremely adequate to me. I think 100' would be good, so 200' would be better, plus more weight in the bow.
    Jeff & Tara (And Hobie too)
    Lake Havasu City, AZ
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      I have 200 feet of all chain attached to my anchor. I do carry 300 feet of nylon rode with me, but have not used it in the two years we have had our boat. We normally anchor in 10-20 feet of water (at low tide) and put out 120 to 175 feet of chain. (this is for our 41 foot boat)

      I like to keep some chain available in case I need to let out a bit more if the wind starts piping up. We have 8-18 foot tides where we anchor. So, when we anchor, we are looking at the lowest tide information when we choose a location. But, it is also important for us to remember that the ratio will change as the tide comes up.
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        I know books say 7 to 1. I use chain and a 44 pound Bruce at 3 to 1 and never have dragged. I'd go 200 feet of chain.
        1989 26' then 1994 32' now 2001 39'


          Hi Eric

          I think that 200 ft of chain and 100 ft of rode would be adequate for your situation,also remember to take the load off the windless after anchoring .
          Brad & Sharon
          Lady Jake
          1985 4550 EH 700TI /Twin Disc 502
          Anacortes/La Conner, Wa.


            Excellent, will go for 200 feet, and yes we will keep the load off the windless.

            Thanks to all
            Bayliner 3988 1995 Hino 250hp


              Quick question from my side - why is it important to take the load off the windlass when anchoring?

              FWIW - I have 120 feet of chain only on a 10 kg Bruce anchor - I anchor in 10-20 feet depth - tide here is a mere 3 feet only. I usually throw out about 60-70 feet - that seems to do the trick just fine for me.


              Mogens Olesen
              Bayliner 2855 Ciera Sunbridge ST (1998)
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                Though this has never happened to me. I understand that if there were a high wend and a lot of strain was put on the chain and there fore on the winch. The winch could loose it's grip on the chain and you would let it all out. If you are in a crowded anchor area you could end up hitting another boat. By using a bridal, that take's the strain off the winch.
                Just love being on my 3870............Bill
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                  I carried 200' of 5/16 chain on the 39, put out 125' many times when it was windy up in the Delta. Never carried and Rode, if I needed more than 200' of chain, I found a better place to anchor
                  2002 Carver Voyager 57
                  "Making Waves"
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                    MOL - My thoughts about why you want to take the load off the windless..

                    The mechanism on the windless uses the electric motor as a brake and the windless has a clutch like mechanism that slows the release of the chain. I think the wind, current, wave action places a bunch of stress on the windless parts.

                    Another reason is if you use chain the noise of the chain rubbing on rocks gets transmitted to the boat right where we sleep. Not great.

                    So using a chain bridle is how we relieve the strain on the windless and make it quieter.



                      Thanks for the explanation Aqua Therapy.

                      Mogens Olesen
                      Bayliner 2855 Ciera Sunbridge ST (1998)
                      7.4 L MPI Mercruiser (1998) with full closed cooling
                      Bravo 3 Duo prop drive (1998)



                        I had to rebuild our MUIR windless years ago..talking with service IMTRA they said to take the strain/ load off the windlass as it could cause excess pressure on the capstan / clutch /shaft.its handling the chain,boat,and wind,current loads.

                        Good luck Brad
                        Brad & Sharon
                        Lady Jake
                        1985 4550 EH 700TI /Twin Disc 502
                        Anacortes/La Conner, Wa.


                          We have a 38xx and anchor the entire season.

                          I have 250 feet of chain. I also try to anchor in about 20 feet of water. 20 feet because In weedy areas there usually if few weeds.

                          I have a 42 or 43# Bruce type anchor.

                          I anchor in wates where I would be very lucky the anchor slipped and it didn't cause serious damage.

                          I always anchor as if I will encounter strong winds and often I get them. I want all the advantages I can get.

                          Oversize anchor. I try to get 7 to 1 ratio. I know the experts say 5 to 1 is good for chain. The experts don't anchor my boat, I do. I also like to sleep nights.

                          But here is the reason to carry as much as you can.

                          More than once I have had to anchor in 49 or more feet. I was there for protection from approaching bad weather and so were others and I couldn't get the good spots Less chain could have been a bad situation. I almost never need it but the almost is the reason for it.

                          About taking pressure off the windless. Without going farther than the factory instructions on most I have seen, that makes sense and it is good enough for me.

                          One thing with your anchor connected to a piece of strong rope which is tied to a cleat, the rope will allow some stretch which help take the strain off everything.

                          I also set a drift alarm. Always.

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                            I have a SS Samson post mounted behind my Mc Murry windlass to secure my anchor line.
                            Pat says: DO-IT-RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

                            Bayliner 3870 "ALASKA33)
                            Twin 350 GM power
                            Located in Seward, AK
                            Retired marine surveyor


                              The taking the pressure off the windows would be for the mechanicls as my Muir cougar has a tie off cleat on too of it.

                              Another good reason to remove pressure is that is could prematurely wear out the gypsy. In the case of the Muir cougar the gypsy cost nearly $1000 just for the part alone on a $5000 windlass.

                              I would much rather wear out a chain bridal than a windlass.

                              I carried 200 feet of chain on my 3988 it was always sufficient
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