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Hino eh700 coolant hoses

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    Hino eh700 coolant hoses

    Would any radiator coolant hose work for the antifreeze side of the hino Diesel engines? I dug through some of the radiator hoses at autozone and I found 2 hoses that have the right diameter and bends to replace the 2 large diameter hoses at the manicooler and the hose from the oil cooler to block. The 2 hoses will make 6 peices (3 per engine).

    This is assuming the hoses are ok? $40 total was worth buying to test fit. Part numbers below:


    . . .It places the lotion in the Basket. . .and that basket happens to be in a 1987 Bayliner 3870 w/ Hino 175's

    That's exactly what I did except I went to NAPA. That was almost two years ago, no issues.
    Jim Gandee
    1989 3888
    Hino 175's
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      Looking at the EH700 system verses automotive, the Hino runs cooler with less cooling system pressure. Looking at it that way, it ought to be just fine. Post the part numbers in the Hino database.
      P/C Pete
      Edmonds Yacht Club (Commodore 1993)
      1988 3818 "GLAUBEN”
      Hino EH700 175 Onan MDKD Genset
      MMSI 367770440


        Groovy! I'll post the numbers there and pics of where I cut them up once I get them installed hopefully this weekend. I'd like to be 100% they work.

        . . .It places the lotion in the Basket. . .and that basket happens to be in a 1987 Bayliner 3870 w/ Hino 175's


          For the small hose connecting the manicooler to the head: Did you have to remove the pipe from the head to get the hose on and then reinstall it with the hose pre-installed? This is a tight one.
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            I suggest sending a PM to Cool Beans or Jim Gandee. If you aren’t in a hurry, I’m planning on changing mine over the winter…..yeah, planning, as in it’s on a list somewhere.

          There might be an issue with a survey. A lot of the hoses have to be "marine, Coast Guard approved". Otherwise, I see no reason not to proceed with automotive hoses.
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            Hmm, these are anti-freeze hoses. Does that requirement still apply?

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            Looking at several USCG, coolant hose part number specification descriptions for Volvo and Mercruiser and sales site advisory columns, I found extensive rules for fuel hoses and a bit for raw water hoses, but nothing related to the on engine coolant hoses being discussed.

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            The only requirements I have seen are regarding fuel hoses, and that might only apply to gasoline.

            I think there might be a ABYC requirement for suction hoses (like seawater intake hoses) to be reinforced.

          I answered the OP via message Earlier. Yes, your life will be some much better if you pull the hose barb on the block. Install the hose end on the oil cooler, push the barb onto the hose end, then rotate the barn into place and bolt it down. And no, I saw no indication on the OEM coolant hoses about any coastguard numbers. I used standard off the shelf hoses that I cut the appropriate pieces off of. I have pictures somewhere on the site if they haven't been lost with part numbers and cut locations'
          . . .It places the lotion in the Basket. . .and that basket happens to be in a 1987 Bayliner 3870 w/ Hino 175's