Have had some issues that I could realy need some help with.

The Starboard Key ignition from downstairs helm stopped working. It had worked prior and never had any issues. Tried it from upstairs and it worked.

Port engine key ignition does work down stairs but not upstairs (nothing new as I have never tired it upstairs before).

Kill buttons upstairs do not work either and to my knowledge have not worked. They seem to give a clicking sound from engine room but do not shut engine down. Tested the switch and both are giving no resistance once pushed so I think the switches are OK..

Have tried to follow the wires from upstairs helm to downstairs but cannot seem to positively locate them. Any thoughts on where the connection points are I need to check to see if I have a voltage drop or a bad connection for both the Shut offs and the key ignition and where they terminate at the engine.

Any other suggestions?


Realized that since I have purchased the boat last year I only started the engines from downstairs (I know I should have only started them from where I drive from). When I realized this I found that the Port ignition does not work from upstairs