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    Babyproofing 4788-gctid809670


    I am curious what others have done to babyproof a 4788? Last summer we became parents and our little guy is crawling all over and likely will be walking by the peak of the summer boating season. We need to make sure he is safe while on the boat.

    Our primary concerns are as follows, though we are happy to hear about any we haven't thought about:

    1. Indoor stairs. How to block them in pilothouse and from salon. What about the "gap" that a baby could fall through between the railing and the up/down stairs?

    2. Salon door. Obviously we can shut it, and obviously we should keep transom door shut, but we are concerned about baby fingers getting crushed and also people simply leaving it open. Has anyone discovered a way to block it with something like a strong screen or short gate or something so the door can be left open and/or used without a baby getting out.

    3. Flybridge-we don't intend to allow him out of arms while on the flybridge, and of course he will be in a lifejacket, but perhaps someone has figured out some sort of way to tie a kid so they can't wander away. Also curious about a way to leave the door to pilothouse open but block baby from going down it--obviously closing it works--however that isn't great. Last year we were cruising with another couple and their kid, had the door open for a minute and hit a wave, door slammed down on the kid's hand. Thus ideally we would never have it open without it being clipped so it can't fall.

    4. Bed-We have been using a pack n play, which is good but constantly in the way in the master stateroom. I would love to find a way to use either the upper or lower bunk as a crib. Perhaps even a way to use guest bed as a crib. Short little walls don't work for a baby--they can stop a kid from rolling out but won't stop a baby from standing and falling over it.

    5. Dinghy- What has anyone found that works well for containing a baby in the dinghy? Last summer we used a front pack but he is pretty much too big at this point so we are curious what others do when putting a baby in the dinghy.

    Please let me know what has worked--we are certainly not the first to have wondered how to tackle this problem! (Pictures appreciated)

    Thank you!
    2000 Bayliner 4788 "Perfect Balance"
    370HP Cummins
    Zodiac YL 340 30HP Nissan
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    Good questions. We will have our 3+ year old twin grandsons on our boat sometimes this summer starting soon.
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      Sorry.... no suggestions, we have a baby its our 4788!!
      1994 4788 Bayliner ONNA MISSION

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        It might be easier to boat proof the baby. There are so many ways a little one can get hurt.

        I'm assuming at times it will just be 2 people plus the baby.

        How about a small play pen in the PH and maybe another in the salon.

        That way when you both have to do things like docking or anchoring you know hes contained.

        Or bring a full time baby sitter.

        We had our nephews little boy (2ish) on boat for a day. 8 adults and he still got into things and places he shouldn't.


          Our baby was a miniature dachsund that we did not want to fall down stairs. We have a carpenter friend that built two gates for the stairs that are attached with velcro and hold very well yet easy to detach. Here are some photos for ideas.

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            To prevent grand kids from going under the railing and falling from the pilot house stairs to the stairs below, we have used netting to fill in between the railing and stairs. We attach the netting using quick ties to attach the netting to the railing and a few screws to attach the lower edge of the netting to the under side of the stairs where the protrude into the passageway.
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              Thanks for the suggestions and pictures, we will definitely get something like this constructed--maybe a little taller but same concept.

              We already have a pack and play that we use to put the little guy in when we are otherwise occupied, but we also don't want him to spend too much time in there so the better we can babyproof the salon, at the least, the better.

              2000 Bayliner 4788 "Perfect Balance"
              370HP Cummins
              Zodiac YL 340 30HP Nissan
              Moored at Roche Harbor