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Venturi windshield replacement 4588

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    Venturi windshield replacement 4588

    I'll be receiving my new Venturi/windshield from Middy Plastics this week. Hope to start the removal of old and install of new next week.

    1. Has anyone done this project that can offer some tips?

    2. Has anyone done a canvas cover to protect this Venturi?

    I wouldn't have consider replacement of the old except the port and starboard sections were cracked in a wind storm that blew off the Bimini. Insurance covered with little depreciation.

    Next will be straightening the bimini frame & remounting Bimini. Then ordering new canvas.
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    Hi masonj

    I have replaced our Venturi ...not many tips only one I can think of might want to put clear silicone down first it makes it much stronger that just the screws.(enough silicone to fill width/base of Venturi ) you don't to see any air gaps.our bridge cover fits over Venturi to end of seats. I have always wanted to put s/s rail around venture to take wind load and also hand hold,one of these days I guess.

    Good luck Brad
    Brad & Sharon
    Lady Jake
    1985 4550 EH 700TI /Twin Disc 502
    Anacortes/La Conner, Wa.


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      Where did you order tour venturi from? Ours broke in the last storm

    Completed install on the Venturi windshield. Surprisingly all the holes lined up with patient fitting.

    Installed center piece, then port & starboard.

    Looks great. You can actually see through it!

    I replaced all of the grommets.


      I believe this is an old thread but it came up in the search. I have a 1991 4588, the same as the OP, and need to replace the venturi windshield. My question is; what are the 28 screws that hold it on? Are they just wood screws that come right out the top, or are they machine screws with nuts and washers behind them? If they are machine screws how does one get behind them to hold the nut?
      1991 4588
      SE Michigan



        They are wood screws.
        Patrick and Patti
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          Thanks. I'll pull it off before winter.
          1991 4588
          SE Michigan


            Midday Plastics has the templates for the 4588. Mine was replaced 2 years ago. Simple DIY. Seal the base, use same grommets and screws or replace.


              Thanks. I'm in Michigan so I expect shipping ould be expensive. Do they need the original or just a credit card? there is a shop in Ohio that says they can d it, but I'm not sure of their experience with 4588's.
              1991 4588
              SE Michigan


                I started to do a canvas cover over the Venturi & then decided to do a complete enclosure than include a clear panel over the Venturi. I replaced the old thin tube Bimini frame. Changed the support arm hinge base location four arms and back almost to the radar arch. The rear canvas wall is held down with copped sand weight bags to allow for
                the dink to be hoisted into the chalks nosing I’m behind the new seats. Best $3400 spent. My new Midday venturidtill
                looks new!